Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Continuing the Fight

Grandma is doing well and recovering quickly from her surgery. She is still sore from where the lymph nodes were taken out, but it is common for that to last for some time, since it is such a tender area. On March 1, 2011 she met with her oncologist Dr. Lee to go over her treatment plan. The pathology reports that came back stated that the tumor was 4cm in size, but they removed 8cm in total during surgery. Due to the size of the tumor, they determined that her cancer is Stage 3. Dr. Lee recommended that she undergo chemotherapy, which will begin in about a month. She will have a total of four chemotherapy sessions, once every three weeks, until all four sessions are complete. The drug that they will be using is Taxotere/Cytoxan. The side effects of the treatment are hair loss and fatigue; she should not get sick from this type of chemotherapy. She is getting more and more energy everyday and loves reading your comments on her blog. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts, because it is clearly working. Love you Grandma!